Disposable hygiene products

HACCP and thus hygiene and food safety are a recurring theme in the hospitality industry and will also remain so because people are involved.

Disposable hygiene products such as gloves, head protection, bandages and hygienic paper prevent a lot. You get significantly closer to the objectives of the HACCP regulation and at affordable costs.

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Prevention of hygienic risks

With the revised brochure “Guide for your successful HACCP concept”, we offer everyone working in the gastronomy, food production and retail areas, practical help.

Pursuant to the EU regulation, the establishment of and the verification of such a concept, is a requirement for each business which produces, handles and sells food.

With a range of items designed explicitly on the topic, we ensure the prevention of hygienic risks: from disposable clothing such as aprons, smocks, overalls, headwear and mouth protection to plasters and disposable gloves.

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