Wooden cutlery

Wood is highly regarded as a natural material in many areas. Wood, as a renewable resource, is ecologically sensible, environmentally-friendly and biodegradable.

For people with high environmental awareness, disposable cutlery made of this material is the ideal solution.

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Fibre-based board

Only wood from sustainable forestry is used in the production of our paper plates and paper cups. In this context, sustainability means that in the management of forests only as much wood is taken as is reforested.

Much of the wood is obtained as part of forest thinning measures that are necessary to provide the trees with the necessary breathing space and room to grow. This allows the forest to regenerate itself over and over.

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PLA items

One of the most promising bio-plastics is the so-called polylactide (PLA or polylactic acid also called) based on starch.

The crystal clear cups and white straws look the same as products which are petroleum-based, both items are equally light and form-stable. Due to their maximum service temperature of 40°C, both are however only suitable for cold beverages.

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Speciality papers designated as tissue are characterised by being soft, thin and yet very strong even after substantial moisture absorption.

Here, the material remains stable and odour-free, making it is very versatile. Because of these properties, tissue is usually used for napkins, paper tissues and for tablecloths.

For the serviettes and tablecloths in the pure brand, only materials from sustainable and FSC® certified forestry are used.

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Sugar cane

Sugar cane is, as an annually renewable plant of the sweet grass family, the most important raw material supplier for the production of table sugar (sucrose).

The so called “bagasse” is used for the production of plates and bowls due to their high cellulose content which remains as a byproduct after the pressing of sugar juice from the sugar cane.

The results are very stable plates and bowls that are suitable even for the microwave. At the same time, they are biodegradable after use.

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Palm leaf

Our biodegradable and compostable palm leaf plates are produced from the leaves of the areca palm. These palm trees are cultivated for the use of betel nuts. The leaves are just natural waste products.

This raw material is suitable for many different kinds of dishes. The plates are characterised by an extraordinary stability. Of course, the products are tested for their suitability for food.

The plates compost pollutant-free very quickly. The plates can be disposed of in the compost bin.

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